To use Alexa to find out basic specification of a smartphone or tablet

What it does

It is a catalog of devices with basic specification which allow user to search by certain criteria, for example: by brand, by model name, etc..

Full features listing

  • get latest
  • search by brand
  • search by model
  • search by storage
  • search by ram
  • search by operating system (os)
  • search by operating system (os) version
  • search by brand and model
  • search by storage and ram
  • search by os and os version
  • advanced search (brand, ram and storage)

What's next for Device Catalog

  • Enhancement to include as many devices as possible
  • Enhancement on advanced search to include few more criteria for narrowing down searches
  • Enhancement to have more dual criteria searches, searches done by user in the future captured in logs will give potential direction

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