When we came together for PennApps, we decided that we wouldn't just make something cool, we would make something functional (and cool). With the frantic planning and team-forming that we all experience before hackathons and other events, we knew that this was an area where we could make a difference.

What it does

DevHustle is a web app that allows hackers to look for teammates to work on projects or just general programming. Users sign in using their Google accounts and then have the ability to create new posts or delete existing ones. Once a post is created, other users can express their interest in a project with the click of a button, which causes DevHustle to send an email to the poster.

How we built it

DevHustle combines a wide variety of moving parts to achieve it's style, functionality, and front-facing simplicity. The frontend is made primarily in HTML, CSS, and REACT, and the backend is made in Python using the Flask micro framework. It is then integrated with Google Firebase's Cloud Firestore and deployed on the Google App Engine.

Challenges we ran into

For many of us on the team, this project was our first experience with true full-stack development. Although the learning curve was fairly steep, integrating the web interface with our API and finally getting the app deployed on the cloud was very rewarding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we are very proud of what we were able to build in just two days. Each member of our team came to PennApps having never attended a hackathon before, so the fact that we achieved such a high standard of quality in such a short time is something that we are all very pleased with.

What we learned

Our time working on DevHustle has been invaluable for not only expanding our skillsets as programmers, but also improving our teamwork and group skills. Having the opportunity to work in such a tight-knit group for so much time in a short period allowed all of us to push each other to do the best work possible as well as to help each understand difficult concepts and learn new things.

What's next for DevHustle

DevHustle has some exciting additions in store for the future. From scaling up the project to implementing machine learning algorithms for project suggestions to MLH and other official hackathon team matching settings, our team is far from finished. DevHustle might take the world by storm in 2022. Who knows?

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