What is DevGuide?

A one place destination for all your questions of how to start up your development/competitive-coding journey carefully curated and written by the experienced people who know how one should kickstart their dev journey! This website provides all the materials and links that would make you ready for getting starting in this wonderful dev journey.This website is that hero which would avenge you from the horrors of infinite resources and misguidance on the Internet !


As a fresher, who wants to start development journey, it becomes very intimidating by just looking at a huge collection of things, technologies and tools that are used for making projects i.e. (HTML,CSS,bootstrap,django,mongoDB,c++,python and the list goes on). The problem is not that resources are less but it's quite opposite, the resources are infinite on the internet. To tackle this problem, one should start off only with few resources in hand which he/she would be able to completely understand. So this website gives quality limited links and blogs that are sufficient to get one acquainted with the Development world.

What it does

This website gives one place access to all the important and quality links that would serve up with the purpose of getting one focused on few quality resources rather then having a ton of resources.

How I built it

We used bootstrap for making things fast & customised it to suite the UI for this project. The main part of the project was to get the quality resources & all of them have been put up with discussions and our experience in the field of development & competitive coding.

Challenges I ran into

Of course, as this website serve the people with the resources for making a base in development, so the biggest challenge was to collect the resources on the basis of our experience and put them at appropriate places in the website to make an overall good experience for the users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that this website would serve up the purpose of minimising the strain of young developers for finding good resources on the web & would make their initial journey smooth as a lot of people get pretty frustrated due to vast resources in the starting of the dev journey.

What I learned

Foremost, the most important thing we learnt is to how to make a healthy bond with new people & how to collaborate with them by sharing our ideas & picking up the best among them. By sharing experiences with each other, we got to know about a lot of new things in tech field. Now coming to the project, we learnt the basics of using HTML,CSS & using bootstrap to make things easy for us. And by discussing for the various resources, we ourselves got to know about some amazing resources available on the internet right now !

What's next for DevGuide

We are searching for experts who can guide free of cost to beginners and also we are searching for best resources for newbies.Also the project is incomplete as the it has a wide scope,also we will update the blogs as per the updates in technology.

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