I was inspired to make a simple app like Flipboard but one that focuses mainly on programming and developer news.

What it does

DevFeed is a news feed aggregator that focuses on developer related news articles, it allows developers to stay up to date with the most recent development and programming news. DevFeed categories news articles by programming languages and frameworks it enables developers to subscribe to whichever categories they might want to receive news feeds on.

How it was build

DevFeed was build using React Native which is absolutely amazing, I used Visual Studio Code to write all the app code and a few helpful libraries like NativeBase for easy user interface implementation and react-native-router-flux for navigation. The app fetches multiple RSS URLs from different sources, categorizes the feed URLs by programming language and extracts all the Information to be displayed using the React Native XML dom parser, the app then combines all the selected feeds and sorts them by date, meaning the most recent news shows at the top.

Challanges I ran into

One of the challenges that I ran into when building the app is that I was completely new to React Native or ReactJS so I had to put aside some time to learn that first before building the app, I am used to Java + Android Studio development so using React Native was a bit difficult but thanks to Stackoverflow I managed to build the app.

Accomplishments I am proud of

The thing I am proud of is that I managed to finish the app despite using a completely foreign framework like react native and that I build it within a short period of time.

What I learned

While building this App I learned a lot about React Native as well as JSX I learned more especially on the kind of JavaScript like ES6. I was also introduced to Firebase which I think is one of the most useful tools for any developer out there and Firebase also helped me learn more about NoSQL databases.

What's next for DevFeed

I have a lot planned next for DevFeed as this is just a version 1.0.0, next I would like to add more categories to chose from. And also add an article view screen so that users can read the short description before opening the URLs in the browser. I plan to also add a "read later" function that allows users to save articles to pocket or the database. I was also thinking of adding a comment and like features like Instagram but I will see were that goes. There is a lot more I would love to add like article images, share functionality, and more news sources and categories.

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