Shellhacks 2018

Presentation script: Name origins from Diversify and Developer.

Deversify is a data visualization site that places circles based on the # of developers on a specific continent. The data is sourced from a Hackerrank and StackOverflow survey that received around 97,000 qualified responses. Demographics show software development is primarily caucasian male-dominated as the percentage of respondents who identified as white, was around 74% of total respondents and 92.9% identified as male.

Continental Summary

  • Europe had the largest percentage of developers, around 38.4%
  • North America and Asia were near equal at 24.6% and 24.3% respectively

Race Demographic Summary of 57,473 responses of StackOverflow Survey

  • White or of European descent 74.2%
  • South Asian 11.5%
  • Hispanic or Latino/Latina 6.7%
  • East Asian 5.1%
  • Middle Eastern 4.1%
  • Black or of African descent 2.8%
  • Native American, Pacific Islander, or Indigenous Australian 0.8%

Gender Demographics Summary of 64,364 responses of StackOverflow Survey

  • The gender gap is around 86% difference as 92.9% identified as male, while 6.9% identified as female, the remaining percentage identified as non-binary individuals.
  • Deversify serves to bring attention to how deep the divide is within the dev community, and promote programs such as IGNITE that support women in STEM programs.

Country Skill Proficiency Summary in the format [Comp Sci domain, Top 5 countries from Best to Worst], Data from Hackerrank

  • Algorithm, Russia, Poland, China, Switzerland, Taiwan
  • Java, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia
  • Data Structures, China, Taiwan, Phillippines, Russia, Japan
  • C++, France, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland
  • Python, Hong Kong, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Russia
  • Math, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine, Japan
  • Ruby, Finland, Nigeria, Switzerland, France, Poland
  • Shell, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Poland, China
  • SQL, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden


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