Everyone has great ideas--but no one's good at everything. In an effort to put an end to amazing ideas that never come to fruition due to skill set, Developr aims to pair together skilled people who want to collaborate.

What it does

In a dating-app-style interface, users can scroll through requests put out by other users for anything from educational experiences to short-term projects to business partnerships. From there, people who are interested in working with each other can chat with each other about the terms of their collaboration and get to work. Life is a hackathon!

How I built it

Developr was created using html, css, javascript, and plenty of helpful advice from stack overflow. It was an interesting development process and came into existence after several hours of a confused hackathon group trying to create an end product despite having four completely different ideas of "hackathon success."

Challenges I ran into

I came into this hackathon with no team and no plan, intending to go with the flow. Sometimes the flow hands you a laptop and tells you to figure something out. My impromptu hackathon team brought together four different people with four different end goals. It didn't take long for team members to begin wandering off and the eventual demise of the group. Upon realizing I was very much on my own, I began going through Android Studio tutorials, and before long I was almost halfway through the hackathon with no sleep and no ideas--though the sunrise was pretty. With around 10 hours left I decided to stick with what I had prior experience with and began the brainstorming process all over again. Of course, having less time and less help than I originally planned was a challenge, but I managed to throw something together on my own and thus Developr was born.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I came into this hackathon with almost no prior hackathon experience, and having to go solo was a huge challenge. The fact that I was able to create a hack at all was surprising to me, and I'm proud of it. Despite the rushed execution, I do think it's a good idea that could have been executed very well under more favourable circumstances.

What I learned

I learned that coming up with an idea and trying to figure out javascript on my own with no help is really hard. This certainly showed me that having someone to work with can make a difficult task far less daunting. It also taught me that I can do quite a lot on my own and the importance of perseverance.

What's next for Developr

If I ever figure out the secrets of javascript and how to properly integrate it with html/css I'm sure I can make a cleaner prototype, and if I figure out how to develop apps I could make it a reality. At the end of the day though, making Developr was more of a learning experience than anything and I'm more likely to use the skills I picked up while creating it to work on other projects.

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