Inspiration,I was inspired by doctor Charles and mommy Esther becoz they taught us how to leave among our selfes by helping each other and the ones in need too ,they brought a lot the street children in their home and what they could do is taking care of them in all they can by providing with whatever they want .

What it does,I helps improving or naturing young talents that are left desperate not only that but also changing the desperate state to a good state where they can be able determine for them selves in future

How I built it,I built mainly to change the lives of the young kids who they are suffering to a better one

Challenges I ran into,it's money to finance the children's health,basic needs including shelter and much more.I got lots of challenges also including bad talks concerning the organization that it was not created for the kids but for ma benefit but that couldn't stop me in doing what I started.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of the devpost in enabling me having acharnel that will be able to reach lots of people all across the world

What I learned,it is important to create good awareness with the little kids by giving the light as the source of life

What's next for Developing young kids talents I would live also to build hospital where the children if they fell sick they would be taken and cured well .that will be much important.

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