Something that puts all developers' needs in one place, from education to communication

What it does

User can navigate from various categories including "Learn" and Contact a Developer" and "Subscription , Learn has several subcategories such as "Languages", "Design Patterns" and "Data Structures"

How we built it

We've build the bot using Microsoft Bot Framework for c#, the app is hosted on Azure and connected with Facebook Messenger Channel Data were gathered from several trusted online tutorials and websites and rephrased to guarantee the best of explanation with visual aids and a good conversational experience

Challenges we ran into

  • Gathering and structuring Data
  • Time Challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • carrying out the project in a small period of time

What we learned

-Handling Facebook's special types of messages that's not supported in Bot Framework

What's next for Developer Home

  • Implementing the "Contact a Developer" Functionality which is something like Geeks QnA, a user can send a question with special tags and he also can select an option to receive questions asked by other users related to his field of expertise and he has the option to answer the question and it will be sent back to the original asker and saved for anyone else who would ask the same question We will also deliver to users asked and answered QnAs from Famous and trusted QnAs Websites
  • User will be able to choose his preferable technology that he wants to to know its latest updates
  • Use ll be able to Subscribe and unsubscribe for periodically news message of his favorite technologies and for latest question of his field of expertise
  • More categories will be added in Learn Section
  • Enhancing CX

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