We were inspired as a team, by our high school's DECA(school business club), led by one of the most prominent teachers in our school Ms. Laura Pendleton, giving us an immersive experience in the business field. We both came into high school with little to no idea with what we wanted to focus on and develop and both of us now develop and love business. We created a mesh for developers, who enjoy business just as much as computer science

What it does

Our API returns processed stock data and personal portfolio data for developers. Following this, the developer can access the endpoint with the amount of functionality granted. We provide great functionality for managing portfolio and stock data.

How we built it

Our REST API was built using flask in python. First off, using the Goldman Sachs Marquee API and Yahoo Finance API, the stock and portfolio data is calculated using data analytics. From there, developers can access this end points as JSON(JavaScript Object Notation).

Challenges we ran into

At first, one of the biggest challenges we ran into was not being able to find teammates. Many people were uninterested or others didn't have the skill sets needed to develop this app. We as a team came together and finished this API, tirelessly working on it for hours straight. We had questions that weren't answered and we implementing new concepts to fix them meant we had to change something else we did right in the project, ultimately leading to another error. We repeated this process and had to make constant changes to our projects, but we ultimately came to a solid variation of our project that we settled down and were happy with.

What we learned

Through this project, we ultimately learned a lot about REST API's. We were able to use other API endpoints, data analysis, and our own rest API for developers. We learned about endpoints within API's, and creating data analysis. To be quite frank, we learned most of flask, during Pennapps. This was a great learning experience for both of us, and we hope to be back next year!

What's next for Developer Stock API

We are hoping to launch this on a front end developed site next. We might have API keys and more enhanced algorithms for the developers who are using it. Our algorithms may have trained machine learning algorithms on it as well.

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