Name of organization *Village Development Center (VDC) Address of organization *Village : Moyenpur, Upazila: Mithapukur, District: Rangpur, Coungry Bangladesh activities and mandate : Village Development Center (VDC) started its journey in 2001 with Sustainable development goals (SDG) vision to stand in solidarity with the poor and marginalized being a peoples centered organization. VDC envisioned for a society which well be free from inequality and injustice. A society where no child will cry from hunger and no life will be ruined by poverty. Date that the organization was officially registered * 28/03/2001 Total amount requested (in US Dollars) : 236455.00 Project title * Develop youth leadership through skill development Project start date * 01/11/2019 Location of activities: City/Cities in the primary country *Rangpur, Coungry Bangladesh Project Information Youth is the very key actor for social, economic, environmental/ ecological and social development. But there are no access of youth for express their opinion and play their role and responsibilities. Therefore the youth especially youth girl do not play their role and contribution at social and economic growth and development. The knowledge of youth leadership is not enriching. The youth do not have any platform for influence policy makers that may contribute for their skill development and livelihood improvement. The project is necessary and relevant for the following reasons: •Discrimination to youth especially women • Exploitation of youth by the male led society •Exploitation of youth minority, ethnic group, disable •Dowry, Child marriage, sexual harassment• Religious conflict and social barrier for youth participation •Lack of positive environment for youth leadership and their innovation For creating youth leadership, skill development, incorporate youth innovation and creating opportunities for livelihood integration of youth the project is very much necessary and relevant.
Project Objective(s): The key objective of the project will to formation and development of youth led organization for social positive transformation of peace, happiness, sovereignty and community prosperity. The specific objectives of the project included the following: •To encourage the youth group for taking creative and innovative initiatives • To actively involve the youth group for positive social, economic, environment and cultural transformation •To cknowledge and recognize youth leadership •To create positive environment for youth participation through policy influence Disadvantage and marginalize youth including marginalized minority, tribal, widows, youth in conflict and post conflict situation, students, disables will be part of the stake of this project. The above stake of the youth will be working on youth rights, formation and strengthening youth organizations / groups, establishing governance, solving religious conflict, equality for gender and social inclusion, accountability and transparency at all level, policy influence etc. First project outcome : Disadvantage youth group specially marginalized youth women and minority group able to raise their voice in respective levels that will create enable environment for developing youth leadership and their rights. Second project outcome : Strengthened and develop youth knowledge that help for motivate respective groups for establishing youth rights and contribute policy influence for livelihood improvement, social justice, peace and for a happy community. Third project outcome :Positive transformation made at community level alleviation social injustice including child marriage, dowry, terrorism, discrimination of youth specially youth women, with involving local government and civil society. First project output :Create enable environment for youth group to be involve with national and international level that help for capacity building of youth leadership and influence the policy makers for youth rights. Second project output :Involvement with diverse stake holders specially at community level made multi stakeholder engagement and collective action increased social responsibility, accountability and transparency. First project activity : Formation youth group at each word level with the participation of disadvantage youth and minority group. They will have regular monthly meeting with religious leader, political leader, local government representatives, CSOs, and other stakeholders. The meeting brief the objective of the project that help to strengthening social justice and peace. Second project activity:Leadership training for youth group. The leadership training will help the youth for enhancement of their knowledge system and increasing youth capacity building. This event will help for youth skill development, enrich knowledge on information and communication technology and establishing youth rights that contribute to positive change of social development. Third project activity : Advocacy meeting with respective stakeholders. The youth group will participate advocacy meeting on social. political, employment creation activities, right to assets, gender equity, alleviation of poverty, social justice etc issues with the government, CSOs and private sector that will contribute social justice and employment creation with leadership of youth. Fourth project activity : Organize diversified events at grass root level. Diversified events including group meeting, gathering, rally, workshop, national and international day observation, interactive sessions with students, community mobilization, networking etc. will be organized at grass root levels on social harmony, happiness and building enrich community with the strong leadership of youth participation. Target audience:The project will planning to working a Upazila namely ‘Mithapukur’ under the district of Rangpur, Bangladesh. The youth both men and women will be the key target player. There will be formation of youth group at word level that is starting unit at local government institution. With the participation of different professionals of Mithapukur upazila including local government representatives, community and religious leaders, teachers, government officials, CSOs, journalist etc. will form union and upazila committee. The project will working for developing social transformation of livelihood improvement, social justice, happiness and community sovereignty and prosperity with the leadership of youth groups. Indirect reach *3000 Direct reach *1000 Gender Mainstreaming: Gender mainstreaming will be one of the main area of the project. At least 70% of the targeted youth will be youth women participate in the event. There will be 25 youth groups mostly led by youth women. The project will led a youth women coordinator who is a widow and female headed member. For presentation of women image and leadership local, regional and national will be continuously organize and been strengthening. In all the project events women should be at leadership position. The gender guideline will be develop base on the project objectives. Marginalized Youth: In the implementation of project activities the disadvantage and marginalize ultra-poor, minority, tribal, disable will be given priority as beneficiaries. The project will prepare a list of marginalized youth through meeting and related other events. After prepare the list will formation of youth group with the participation of marginalized youth group members. The project will take necessary actions for development of youth leadership, skill development and ensuring youth rights. Prevention of Violent Extremism: With the leadership of grass root level youth club and participation of local government institution and other professionals’ continuously public awareness and campaign against violent extremism will be carry out by the project. The key discussion topics will be on religious discrimination, terrorism, violent, inequality, exploration etc. through different events including discussion meetings, public gathering, rally, workshop, awareness progamme, cultural progamme, debate, community mobilization and developing networking. Social protection and public movement should be raise through organizing these events. Develop relation should be with the electronic and printing media for public awareness against violent extremism. Innovative and Effective Use of Seed Funding: The project is familiar and experienced working with the youth at grass root and regional level. In this regard the project will encourage the youth for creative and innovative initiative and the youth group for positive transformation of the society. Through the support of the project take initiative for recognize the youth social leadership. The project interventions will create enable environment for establishing youth leadership and will create platform for positive transformation of the society. Building up the multi stakeholder relationship among different actors will play very positive role implement the project interventions in innovative and effective way. Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring and evaluation is one of the key areas for successful implementation of the project. VDC will form a monitoring and evaluation team for monitoring the project activities. The monitoring team will visit the project activities at regular basis in field to central level. The team led by the youth women will develop a monitoring and inspection format for assessing the project interventions. The feedback of monitoring will be regularly share with the respective youth groups and VDC management that may help for strengthening further improvement of the project intervention. There will be also external assessment by the external team. The monitoring and evaluation team will cover the program assessment and financial auditing during their visit. The internal and external monitoring and evaluation will helpful for qualitative implementation of project performance.

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