Well , the story begins on that day ,I was making a project using java, and since i was amateur in java, i had so many problems searching for documentation of the language .at this time it comes the idea of DevDoc .

What it does

DevDoc makes searching for documentation (methods , predefined functions etc ..) easier for developers , developers are no longer in need of many websites to search for documentation ,all what they need is to contact the intelligent Facebook messenger chatbot , and just ask him for the method you are seeking for plus the language you are developing with.

How we built it

For the first prototype, we used PHP & mysql to make DevDoc alive, but for now we are using Node.js ,MongoDb and to make the bot more obliging as developers except .

Challenges we ran into

We only ran into 1 challenge (Developers HackDay Morocco (Casablanca)) that was Organised in Devoxx Morocco by Facebook Developer Circles : Casablanca. and we had the (1st) first place .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Well, Basically wining a national challenge is a proud itself , and since we were the only team that include 3 students , noting that the rest teams were all experienced engineerings.

What we learned

We've learned a lot , teamwork and also to never lose hope . and technically we've learn how to integrate ai technologies into chatbots etc..

What's next for DevDoc

Our goal by making this chatbot (DevDoc),is to make developer's life easier and save them time on searching for documents of programming languages.

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