Who doesn't want a buddy they can code with? I know it can be frustrating not having any help when you code, and talk about all that boilerplate code!

What it does

Provides a voice-activated interface to auto-generate boilerplate code from pseudo phrases, and search suggestions to help developers.

How I built it

I used Amazon Alexa Skills Kit to develop my own skill, then I hosted a web app using MongoDB, Heroku and Firebase. I used mongoDB to store the full code results, and firebase to store temporary queries. Heroku is used to host the app!

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how to customize Alexa skills, and develop with little experience in technologies such as MongoDB.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made it work! And it's actually useful. I learned to deploy amazon lambda functions, use voice recognition technology, learn new database languages, and more!

What I learned

How to use MongoDB, Alexa Skills, how to define language models and parse large amounts of data. Also learned to create my own responsive web app that is quite amazing.

What's next for DevBot (Your very own coding buddy!)

Time to improve this idea! It can really potentially be useful for lots of developers to increase work efficiency by 10 fold. I really see a future of innovation where code doesn't have to be written manually, and can be auto-generated!

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