It's boring just to code and code all day. We wanted to make it more interactive and motivating for the developers.

What it does

When you build a project on the IntelliJ platform via gitHub, you can have several facts about the project at the side (like amount of commits, longest commit message, ...). We also included a system that enables giving lottery tokens to a developer based on a certain policy. These tokens can be used to award the developers with giveaways or something else that should motivate the developers to write usefull commit messages, commit often enough (so the progress isn't lost when a computer breaks) and many other possibilities.

How I built it

In Intellij via the IntelliJ Platform Plugin Kit in Gradle

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to use Gradle, making it work on all our computers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The use of several Lambda expressions :)

What I learned

Writing plugins is quite easy once you understood the basics. And it's fun.

What's next for DevBattle

Add more features for archivements and update the design

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