The Problem features a library of technical podcasts. The user may want to listen to some of the podcasts offered, but may not want to spend time searching through the available podcasts to find topics that interest them. Additionally, the user may not want to play the podcast in the browser via Instead, they may wish to use their own audio player with customized features, or save the podcast episode for later.

What it does

Our project allows the user to download a podcast from's podcast library without leaving the zsh command line. Users may search podcasts by title or topic. Alternatively, users can download a randomly generated episode. Users can also view and download podcast artwork.

With a simple command, users can download technical podcasts relevant to their interests. The program is not tied to any one operating system or audio player.

How I built it

  • oh-my-zsh- dev-podcasts is an oh-my-zsh plugin.

  • - an open-source social platform. features a podcast library and an API endpoint that allows clients to retrieve podcasts by name.

  • jp2a - JPEG to ASCII convertor. Used to convert podcast artwork to ASCII for the user to display or download.

  • zsh - The program interfaces with the zsh command line.

  • python3 - used to make requests to the API, parse and sort the API's response, and download user-selected podcasts.

Built With

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