I grew up with a passion for video games. It was my escape during the hard times. I thought what if I make something unique that has elements of my favorite games? I just wanted to make a video game that people of all ages could use as an escape when they are going through a rough time and need some cheering up.

What it does

It is a single player 3D video game where the player is a robot whom lives in the land of HOODALORE. The land has been taken over by the evil crabs whom has stolen the precious cargo in the land. It is up to the player to save the land by getting all the precious cargo of the land. The player has to navigate throughout the land until they get to the castle where all precious cargo of the land belongs collecting the precious cargo (coins) along the way, The more cargo they collect, the closer they get to saving the land. They have to evade the crabs, because the crabs will kill the player should they get in contact and if you get killed, you lose the game. Become the Top Warrior in all the land by collecting the cargo and saving the land. Will you become the Top Warrior?

How I built it

I built parts of it in XNA Game Express at first and then transferred it all over to GDScript and finished the rest of the game in GDScript using GD Game Developer Engine.

Challenges I ran into

One of the main challenges is that I worked on this alone and didn't have a team. I used GD Game Developer Engine before for a few class projects in which we had to create games so I knew GDScript, but I was not super familiar with it so I spent too much time on certain problems which delayed me from implementing and creating all of the features and things I wanted to have or be part of the game. 36 hours was not enough, the time constraint is what definitely made this a challenge for me. Due to the time limit, I rushed myself a bit and did not make the best project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of what I was able to make and I am proud and grateful for the learning experience.

What I learned

I learned how to use XNA Game Express as well as GD Game Developer Engine. I also learned how to manage time better.

What's next for Mission Warrior

What is next for Mission Warrior is to fix all the kinks in the game. There are some issues as I did not get to finish. What is also next is after all the kinks are fixed, I will make it to be able to be played on mobile devices and not just PC like it is right now. In addition, I will also make it multiplayer so people can play with friends and take the evil crabs that have taken over HOODALORE down together. What is also next is to implement special abilities into the player so they can save the land quicker as well as kill the evil crabs quicker. I will also be implementing a chat where all players in the game can chat with each other and a chat for all players whether in same game or not will be able to communicate. I will also implement two variables, one for the number of coins you've collected and one for number of crabs killed. variable will increment by one each time you collect a coin or kill a crab and it will be in upper right hand corner.

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