We wanted to create a platform that inspires you to keep learning how to code using new technologies and to share with others the learnings and breakthroughs you have had on your journey as a developer.

What it does

Dev Journey is a hub that let's you visualize your journey as a developer. You can connect your github profile to visualize the technologies that you have been using over the years, and you can also set some future goals for new technologies that you want to learn. You can also tie any resources such as books, posts, podcasts that helped you in your journey, or that you think that can help someone that wants to start a similar learning experience. On our frontpage you have a summary of who you are as a developer, how you got there, and all the a-ha moments that made you who you are and that may help bring out the best in others.

How we built it

We got together at one of our local Facebook Developer Circles and iterated through several ideas. We came up with several sketches, talked to a UX/UI friend of ours, and started coding a few hours here and there. We met whenever we could, and collaborated online when life happened. We got all really excited to try React after attending a few events from Miami Facebook Developer Circles and that is how we ended creating our first MERN app.

Challenges we ran into

We graduated from a 400-hour coding bootcamp in June and this was our first project together as a team of not-so-junior Devs. Fun challenges were:

  • Coming up with our own version of Agile development to manage our efforts
  • Using version control management to avoid duplicating efforts
  • Staying accountable to commit time to our collective goals
  • Multitasking and doing a bit of everything! From playing project manager, to keep the troop well fed :)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • This is our very first project using React and creating a MERN web application. We are really happy and humbled that we could learn how to use React thanks to well-written documentation, devs that published clients or examples, and a supporting online community that are happy to reply on online forums B)
  • It was very powerful to see how much everyone has gone on their own Dev journey after we graduated from our coding bootcamp
  • Our platform has true potential to inspire others to start, continue, or resume their own coding journeys

What we learned

This was truly an experience to remember. We learned that the more you code, the better you get at it. We also learned that we truly enjoy coding. And we learned that writing and visualizations are the greatest currency of great ideas. Anytime that we comunicated well our ideas, our project gained a great feature. Hopefully through our App, others can learn from our learnings, get better at what they do, and get to communicate their ideas with the rest of the world.

What's next for Dev Journey

It was fun to work on a side project here and there but in the near future want to set time aside to devote quality time and undivided attention to Dev Journey. Top features that we want to add:

  • You can find a tribe of developers just like you. Some people might be at the same stage of their Dev careers and have similar goals. And you should stay in touch and follow each other's journeys!
  • You can collaborate with others to create fanfict profiles for developers, creators, and tech geniuses that are not yet on Dev Journey.
  • You can edit the graph to better reflect who you are. We will try different versions of connecting it to other platforms like StackOverflow, Linkedin, or Quora.
  • A gamified version of your journey enables you to get rewards for your online interactions every time you help someone in their journey.

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