Everyone writes code and programs that can accomplish tasks however what many people glance over is the importance of creating efficient and sustainable code. Creating energy light and low Big-O notation code can save money, time and energy which is valuable and can compound over large numbers of terms. This development tool emphasizes the importance of energy sustainability can provide computer systems which better processing power. Sustainability is key as that is the future of computing since creating inefficient code causes excess load on the computer which can better be appropriated towards future tasks through parallel processing and this program will address that and empower coders to write efficient code.

What it does

The tool will return the Big-O notation of your code and compare it to the most efficient way to accomplish the task. Then it will compare the coding efficiency and computer energy taken to process that task displaying how much excess power was used in the user's case.

How I built it

I used JAVA SWT to create the application and run the code.

What's next for Dev-E

Next goals for Dev-E will be automating the web scraping process to get all of the possible code workout questions through Python and adding Machine Learning to the mix.

Built With

  • java-swt
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