I'm always on instagram to see what other developers are doing. There is many account of developers where they show what they are doing, on what they work on, whaich languages they learn,etc... As developer i also do that. So when i heard about the challenge of building a platform to help other developers ,the idea came inmy mind to build a platform where developers can share their moment with theirs screen ;p.

What it does

Anyone can post if is registered. You can post what you are doing.You are also provide a cover picture of the post.

How I built it

I build it with php7. On the front-end i use html,css,javascript and other framework like bootstrap and semantic-ui. I use the account-kit for registration

Challenges I ran into

The challenges was to built such a huge things in just a few days.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that i finish the project on time, even if there are only 6 hours to the deadline;p. I learn new things,and that's how i continue to grow as a developer.

What I learned

These days when i built it,i learn a lot of how api work,the graphApi,... Also,i did'nt have too much time but i would also to include my a bot messenger in the app

What's next for Dev Diary

In a few days to come, i will improve Dev Diary. I will include a bot to allow users to go on facebook,provide the username of a developer and send back his latest post.

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