As an Active member of our local Facebook Developer Circle Community, we feel that it is a lovely way to interact with your local developer group, get in touch with them and collaborate.

However, there is a need for a software solution, which the Developer Community within the Circle can use in order to collaborate effectively. And so, we have come up with Dev Circle +, an extension for the Facebook Developer Circle, where the developers can collaborate effectively.

What it does

Dev Circle+ is an extension to Facebook Developer Circle Community, wherein, it can be hosted for each of the Developer Circle Individually. Developers of each Circle can come together to collaborate using various open source developer tools available in the market.

There are loads of open source tools available for developers to use within their group. However, they are disparate and not integrated together. As a part of Dev Circle+, we have striven to get such tools together under a single roof, so that they integrate seamlessly, along with proper authentication and authorization. Aim here is to provide a single sign-on using the Facebook Credentials, wherein users can use multiple developer tools under the Dev Circle+ framework as one single solution, and there is seamless data transfer between each tools internally.

Dev Circle+ also provides a robust framework to add more Open Source & Custom Built Tools within the same application.

Dev Circle+ provides the below functionalities to be used by the Developer Circle Community:

  • Forum - Powered by Linear
  • Wiki - Powered by Hazel
  • Code Snippets Repository
  • Secure and Private Interactions - Powered by Facebook Login
  • Self Hosted - FB Developer Circle Admins can host this extension for use within their own Community – Dev Circle
  • Open Source - Can be easily extended to add more tools using the framework provided by Dev Cicle+

How we built it

Dev Circle+ brings multiple NodeJS based open source tools under a single framework. We have built a framework using NodeJS, MongoDB and Facebook Login API and integrated the multiple open source tools under the framework.

What's next for Dev Circle+

Add more Open Source Functionality which can be used by the Developer Community

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