What it does

Dev assistant makes it easier and faster to find the solution for bugs and errors you find while developing. Straight from the bug tracking system of your choosing ( on the Monday ecosystem ) you can get all the information you need. By clicking on the item in the bug board an item viewer will open and in the tab Dev assistant you will get results from stackoverflow, then you can sort, expand and get answers using stackoverflow API.

How we built it

The app was build using Monday SDK for getting the item details and for UI we used ReactJs and Material UI for communicating with stackoverflow we used go server

Challenges we ran into

The app is quite simple but working for the first time with reactJs and the Monday ecosystem was challenging and fun

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to submit the app.

What we learned

ReactJs and working with Monday eco system

What's next for Dev assistant

We want to expand the apps features and Integrations with more sources: Features: Filtering results, Building custom queries, Submitting questions from the app to stackoverflow, Saving the right answer in the board for late use and easy access,

Integrations: Github

Built With

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