We all have experienced the struggle when we book a trip with friends. Because everyone has a different preference for trips, it often takes time to coordinate. You would sometimes experience the complaints from your friends, like "This flight is too early for me. ", "I don't like it. This hotel is too far away from the beach." "This flight is too expensive", "Can we have a direct flight?". Rather than jumping back and forth to book a trip that works for everyone, let's all have a chat and book trips together on Tripanion!

Problem we are solving

There is no travel website that allows users to communicate with each other while booking a trip together. Users currently have to jump back-and-forth among different applications, such as messenger, phone call, etc., to coordinate.

What it does

Tripanion is a group trip planning web app where people can video chat and book trips together. Start by choosing a destination, you can video chat with your friends while booking the best trip for everyone.

In the next phase, we will implement Trip Diary feature. It will allow users to share their images and short-clips videos and live-stream their trip. Through this feature, users can build a travel community and receive virtual gifts, which can be redeemed for the next travel.

How we built it

We used:

  • Amadeus Travel API
  • Agora Video Chat SDK
  • Agora Real-Time Messaging SDK (Next Phase)
  • Agora Live-broadcasting SDK (Next Phase)
  • Python3
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Flask
  • Golang(Gin for web flamework, Gorm=O/R mapping)
  • SQLite
  • Sketch
  • Principle
  • Photoshop

What's next for Tripanion

Business Plan:
Premium Packages:

  1. Peace of Mind (Emergency Package) [$50-$100 each]: Travel Insurance (Flight/Luggage) (Partner with an insurance company), Emergency Customer Support Video Chat Access, Free 24 hours before departure flight cancelation.

  2. Endless Adventure (Influencer Package) [$15/month]: Users can live-stream their trips, build a fan base, and receive digital items that can be converted to credits towards the next trip. It is free to watch a stream, but you need to have the Influencer Package to stream and receive the digital gifts.

  3. Virtual Gifting and Currency:
    $1 = 100 credits
    Credits can be redeemed towards the next trip.
    Flower = 200 credits
    Wine = 500 credits
    Plane = 1000 credits.

Trip Diary: Users can upload and share their trip photos and short-clips video in the community for free.

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