Detour shows you that life is a lot more fun off the straight and narrow. This is your perfect road trip app! Powered by Amazon Web Services, Detour is beautifully fluid and responsive for access on multiple screen sizes. Plan your trip from a desktop or any internet-accessible mobile device or tablet.

Once you've determined your start and end route, you can select how far you want to deviate from your route. Google Maps and Fouresquare interact to show you the top destinations within your parameters. You can narrow down these options by restaurants, historic sites, or natural landmarks.

We've even plotted the cheapest gas stations along your route by using the MyGasFeed API. You'll easily know where to stop for the best deals.

Once you've found some fun location, you can easily add it to your route by selecting "Add Stop." For more information on this location, click the blue arrow. Directions for your new route will update and populate right inside of the app itself.

There's so much to explore! Take a Detour!

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