The inspiration is to provide an easy-to-use android application for easy and safe transportation to and from Detroit's health facilities

What it does

Allows users to access public transportation to and from health facilities in Detroit. Allows user-tracking by designated people (friends or family) while using public transit. Capability of accessing route info, real-time bus info and location on a map and important rider info

How I built it

I used the esri ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android ( with transit data from HERE maps, and as the back-end. The esri SDK provides a plethora of functionality highly suitable to the closest facility network analyses.

Challenges I ran into

Significant challenges with the route and transit API. Particularly I used HERE maps' Transit api. The API integration was not smooth enough; it requires developers to do a host of things that they might not need in order to integration their API. But that comes as a requirement in using the HERE SDK.

I attempted using the transit and wrote my own API for interacting with the Transitland REST API endpoint. Everything worked successfully but was unable to fully utilize it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Wrote my own REST API for interacting with transitland which means the huge potential for adding and retrieving important information that will make things a lot better for users of the software. Proud of the fact that I was able for easily integrate data and information from HERE and Transitland with ArcGIS runtime SDK which opens up a huge potential for important work in the future

What I learned

How to effectively use JSON, Retrofit, RxJava, HERE maps SDK (API), Transitland REST API and Esri's ArcGIS runtime SDK for Android.

What's next for DetHealthTranSys

  • Implement routing sharing with approved friends on facebook.
  • Implement real-time routing and visualization for the user
  • Implement a travel buddy scheme that allows users to share their travel patterns with designed user.
  • Fully utilize the transitland and HERE API to add a lot more transit information to the user
  • Provide a means for other healthcare providers to sign on to the platform and have users easily navigate to them using public transportation

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