Have you ever been in a library or coffee shop and need to take a call or use the restroom? Is it too much work to pack everything up but don't want anything stolen? Deterr is the perfect product for you.

What it does

Deterr is a web app that communicates over LAN to connect your laptop's webcam stream to your phone! Motion detection is done on the fly and served right to your phone. Connecting through a web page the user can see their current battery percentage (charging/not charging) as well as trigger an alert system when you catch someone tampering with your things!

How I built it

Python backend built on flask with OpenCV and other libraries

Challenges I ran into

Getting the webpage to serve clear and consistent FPS to mobile devices efficiently.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning all of this this and making it work together by myself in just a single day :)

What's next for Deterr

QR Code generation and scanning to authenticate between phone and laptop.

Built With

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