After receiving an Echo as a Christmas gift two years ago, I quickly became obsessed with its potential. I was constantly making notes about skill ideas, while simultaneously staying abreast of the latest trends and releases.

With my background in film/tv/radio/music/advertising, I was confident that I could bring some creative ideas to the space. Unfortunately, the last time I wrote code was on Geocities in the '90s! Luckily, I stumbled across Voiceflow this summer and found it fairly intuitive, with its layout reminding me of audio/video editing timelines.

Having played countless CYOA, escape room and memory games on Alexa, I realized that those elements could be combined into something resembling a tv/movie plot. So I began writing my "script" on Voiceflow, challenging myself to integrate games into the plotline. Once things began to take shape, I hired voice actors off Fiverr and used public domain materials for sound effects and music.

For the ISP element, I considered in-game hints and extras. But after reading numerous negative reviews on about game skills containing ISPs which felt forceful and disruptive to the flow of the game, I decided on a donation approach instead (in the form of a round of drinks). Let the merit of the game determine it's value, right? Moving forward, I plan to create new Detective X cases and expand on the game's world.

Thank you for the opportunity to compete in this Alexa skill challenge. I hope you enjoy playing Detective X!

Built With

  • voiceflow
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