On a cold winterday I was having fun conversations with friends on what we should do during christmas. We came to the idea of having a murder game, where each of us would play a certain role. While thinking about this idea I recognized it would be cool if Alexa would be able to facilitate the solving of such a murder mystery. Hence the idea was born to develop this skill.

What it does

You are a detective and have several cases on your desk, you can open a case and start solving the murder mystery. For each case you would need to interrogate several suspects and explore several rooms and objects. Once you have the correct suspect, room and object you can talk to the police officer and the suspect will go into jail.

How I built it

It is made with lambda and node JS.

Challenges I ran into

This was one of my first skills, so basically all the challenges you can think of!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementation of multiple cases via a statemachine, and implementation of in-skill-purchasing. Also I am very proud of the complex murdermystery that was created.

What I learned

I had to learn lambda, Alexa and node JS for this game.

What's next for Detective Game

I will add several more cases to it.

Built With

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