At the start hackathon while brainstorming we remembered Clippy the Microsoft word help assistant and we started to wonder what could Clippy do in this day and age to assist further, so we thought that an appropriate job would be at google serving as an extension that helps you omit the pesky ads that at times flood your screen and determines whether the ad is malicious or not

What it does

Its a google extension that blocks ads and replaces them with an image of Clippy from

How we built it

From google extensions

Challenges we ran into

Flushing the idea development until approximately halfway through the event, fatigue from the week before the event, and having to learn to code some areas without prior knowledge

What we learned

We furthered our knowledge on google extensions, how they work and

What's next for Detective Clipper

An update so it can have sprites to allow it to be animated when it blocks the ads and that it is to display more clearly whether an app is malicious or not

Built With

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