The Detective Byomkesh Bakshi is an interactive text-based game that challenges players to solve intriguing murder cases by investigating crime scenes, gathering clues, and identifying the culprits. The game is designed to provide an immersive and engaging experience where players can unleash their detective skills.

Game Flow and Features

-User Prompting: The game begins by presenting the player with a captivating murder case scenario. Each case is carefully crafted with Indian names, places, and modified versions of famous English literature stories, providing a unique and culturally relevant experience.

-Chat Bot Interaction: The player engages with the game through a chat interface powered by Streamlit. The game incorporates the Streamlit-Chat library, enabling a conversational interaction between the player and an AI-powered chat bot.

-Game Theory Elements: The chat bot utilizes game theory elements to dynamically respond to the player's questions and actions. The bot's responses are based on various factors such as the player's progress, gathered clues, and the overall state of the investigation. This creates a dynamic and challenging gameplay experience.

-Clue Gathering and Investigation: The player interacts with the chat bot to ask questions, gather information, and collect clues related to the murder case. The bot provides responses based on the player's inquiries, guiding them through the investigation process.

-Decision Making: As the player uncovers more clues and gains insights into the case, they need to make informed decisions and hypotheses about the identity of the killer. The chat bot challenges the player's deductive reasoning skills by presenting alternative theories and potential red herrings.

-Image Generation: The game incorporates the OpenAI API to generate relevant images based on the chat bot's responses. These images help enhance the visual representation of the crime scenes, suspects, and key pieces of evidence, adding an immersive element to the gameplay.

Technology Stack

Langchain: The Langchain library is used for natural language processing (NLP) tasks, enabling the chat bot to understand and generate human-like responses to the player's queries. It provides powerful language models for text generation and understanding.

Streamlit: The game's user interface is built using Streamlit, a Python framework for building interactive web applications. Streamlit simplifies the development of the chat interface and facilitates real-time updates and interactions with the chat bot.

Streamlit-Chat: Streamlit-Chat is a custom library built on top of Streamlit, providing chat functionality for the game. It allows for the display of chat messages, handles user input, and maintains the conversation history between the player and the chat bot.

Python-Dotenv: Python-Dotenv is used to manage environment variables, allowing secure configuration and access to sensitive information such as API keys.

OpenAI: The OpenAI library is utilized for image generation. It provides an API for generating relevant images based on the chat bot's responses. These images help visualize the crime scenes, suspects, and other elements of the murder cases.

The Game combines elements of game theory, immersive storytelling, and interactive chat-based gameplay to create an entertaining and challenging experience for players. By leveraging powerful NLP models and image generation capabilities, the game aims to deliver a realistic and engaging detective adventure.

Built With

  • langchain
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