Inspiration Traditional thermometer has not only inspired our concept but also egged us further to do some deep dive and get at the real health parameter that health care professionals use to track inset of infection which is core body temperature. The illness in question being Covid-19, being infectious in nature and asymptomatic for most duration of its incubation period of 14 days challenges our capabilities to track and arrest it before symptoms show up. Much like a tough criminal to catch. We therefore thought that we should build the capability of remotely, wirelessly and periodically track core body temperature and help health care professionals study not only the inset of Covid-19 but also its behavior and pattern of infection and how this changes for people with different levels of immunity. Who knows this could also lead us to new vistas like being able to track immunity levels also wirelessly and remotely.

What it does Captures and monitors core body temperature, a critical health parameter wireless and remotely and use the same to determine infection inset within Covid-19 incubation period itself thus providing us with valuable key time to contain, prevent and eradicate the disease before symptoms show up and the disease progresses to a extent difficult to contain and eradicate.

How we built it We have not built it yet but have identified the components and mechanism to be used to complete prototype development. India currently being in lockdown on account of Covid-19 makes it difficult to showcase the actual prototype. Post relaxation of lockdown we are confident of sourcing the components and getting the prototype in place in order to show a functional demo with the actual prototype. For the purpose of this hackathon, given the limited time available to show a functional demo, we are exploring ways and means of thinking out of the box to be able to build something with what we have. When the lockdown is relaxed, we are uniquely positioned to execute our detailed project plan.

Challenges we ran into Current lockdown in India is the only challenge we are facing. We are confident of successfully developing our prototype once we succeed in getting together financial resources. Our technical and medical team is raring to go.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Team members who are passionate about the concept and who believe in delivering together. Our brainstorming sessions seem to tell us that every time. Our unique team is our greatest accomplishment. Other successes are mere byproducts.

What we learned We learned that if it is most important to first, believe in the concept that we want to promote, second, get the same validated using subject matter experts and third, keep welfare of humanity at large in mind while making progress in product component selection and design.

What's next for Detection of Covid-19 infection inset in incubation period. Developing prototype and carrying out clinical trials followed by scaling up and commercialization.

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