All over the world people are dying because of Covid-19. Spain is right now one of the countries most affected by the virus, and I think the reasons are the following:

  • There is no culture of protection for others. Often, people with a flu keep going to work without protection, causing the flu to spread.
  • Covid-19 has flu-like symptoms, so people have not applied measures until they have been dictated by the government.
  • The health system is overwhelmed by new cases of covid-19.

This app, tries to give very early information to health systems, so they can take early action.

What it does

When a person has symptoms (whether he thinks they are important or not), he notifies them through the app.

The app can automatically send a notification with recommendations such as "stay at home", or "call your doctor". (Next steps)

Thanks to the data collected, health systems can enter the web to observe the evolution of symptoms in certain areas of the world, and can apply measures at very early stages. (Next steps)

An AI is responsible for reviewing the data for patterns, to try to detect new virus outbreaks, or new possible contagious diseases.

How I built it

This application was done in one weekend. Kotlin was used for the Android application. Angular for the web app. Fire Store for the database

I wanted to make a functional app in a very short time, so there are architectural flaws that need to be fixed. In any other circumstances this code would not be good for me.

Challenges I ran into

  • Perform this app without a team and only in two days.
  • Making the app without even thinking about the architecture.
  • Leave aside the structural flaws and focus on making a functional app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To have a functional application that shows the potential of my idea. To think that this idea can be applied on a large scale, and can prevent avoidable deaths.

What I learned

It is possible to create a functional proof of concept in just two days. Technology must prevent another pandemic

What's next for No more pandemics

Create a system of recommendations that help the user. Implement an ia to help analyze the data. Redo the architecture to make it scalable. Due to the geolocation, it is very important to adapt the application to the law of each country

Test it (there are symtoms the 30/03/2020 in Valencia / Spain)

The Android application does not comply with the data protection law in all countries, so it cannot be distributed through Google Play. It is necessary to build the project and install manually

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