Better sports analytics through computer vision and to improve sports coverage which helps in better customer engagement.

What it does

This isolated camera zoom follows one or more players and/or coaches in the frame and ends as soon as there is a camera change. Isolated frames will always have a box score graphic and at times game flow graphics that may include the following: seasonal averages, upcoming schedule, and additional promotions for future game events.

How we built it

Started with a pre-trained Inception V3 model and trained on our dataset on AWS SageMaker.

Challenges we ran into

Loading the initial dataset into the instance and creating a balanced dataset for all the classes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a full-scale CNN model and deployed it on the cloud and achieve test accuracy close to 70%.

What we learned

Usage of AWS SageMaker for training and deploying our Machine Learning models and to do transfer learning using a pre-trained model.

What's next for Detect an isolated camera zoom

Collect and augment more data and improve the test accuracy and train it on all actions to create a generalized model that can detect any type of action.

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