Inspiration for AccidentAlert

Last year a member of the team slipped and fell down a set of stairs at her workplace. After being sent to hospital for x-rays she was lucky to have not broken anything but still had to endure uncomfortable bruising for several weeks. This was not the first incident with the stairs, a few months previously one of her colleagues had slipped and fallen so severely that he was off work for several months.

Well-being for people, protection for businesses

The workplace in question did have an accident book as is required by law. The first accident had been recorded by the manager on duty but no action taken over the cause. Was it because the manger did not know what action was needed? Or, did they not know who to contact to start an investigation? Perhaps they just got busy and distracted by their day and the accident book was ultimately returned to the filing cabinet and never escalated.

Picture a situation similar to this:

After the second incident action was taken and the hazard was identified as worn treads on the stairs and updates were made to add an anti-slip surface.

`The Cost Of Failure

Workplace accidents can be just as bad for businesses as they are for the individuals who are injured. The business will suffer lost productivity and be exposed to the risk of regulatory fines, the average is currently £15,000 but can be much-much higher and there is also the risk of legal action in the criminal courts.* With the wide availability to the public of no-win, no-fee legal assistance, a business must do all that it can to protect its self by maintaining a safe environment, and vitally be seen to be seen to be doing everything in its power to protect staff **

! * ! **

Technology for Effective Accident Recording & Hazard Prevention

As our story shows, the use of a paper accident book in 2014 is out-dated and unsatisfactory for all parties and a far better solution already exists.

The use of a computer app to capture accidents when they occur and also record hazards the moment they are identified will enable business of all sizes to demonstrate compliance with health & safety law.

If that app is a mobile app then it puts the power to record in the hands of any member of staff who has a smartphone. Anyone can log a hazard with a description and photographs and help to create to a safer working environment. The information is recorded and cannot be forgotten or ignored. When accidents do occur they can be recorded in a moment on a mobile device, supporting photographs can be taken of the location and of any injuries.

The Salesforce1 platform provides the capability to create a mobile app to capture information and store it centrally. Employee information is safe thanks to a strong security model, and the process of dealing with the hazard or accident can be driven by Salesforce workflow features and through collaboration in Chatter. All activities can be recorded and the information analyzed and shared using reports and dashboards. All these features are supported by the Accident Alert Salesforce1 mobile app.

Use & Training

The AccidentAlert is designed to be used by any user member of staff who has a smartphone and is familiar with it's use.

On discovering a hazard with the potential to cause an accident, they will use the app to record a New Accident Alert. The alert lists the hazard and a description.

If an accident has already taken place or does in the future the details of the accident can be attached to the hazard.

The location of the hazard is captured using GPS. Duplicate hazard reports can be located and resolved.

The details of the accident include an interactive image of a human figure which can be highlighted by the person reporting to indicate injury locations.

Photos can also be added for both the hazard and the injury.

Deployment & Licensing

Business using the AccidentAlert app can choose to deploy the mobile client to all staff, or just nominated representatives and managers only. The app is designed to operate standalone using a lightweight Salesforce license businesses who do not already use the Salesforce1 platform. Those who do will be able to add the app via the Salesforce AppExchange and tie the AccidentAlert information into the operation of their business on mobile, tablet and PC.

Use Of Salesforce1 Platform Technology

The AccidentAlert mobile app is designed to offer the following features via a mobile device:

  • Capture of hazard and accident info to custom objects
  • Capture of photographs from device camera
  • Capture of hazard location from device GPS
  • Activity management for hazard and accident follow-up
  • Collaboration using Chatter
  • Mobile Analytics

The Salesforce1 platform is used to drive process automation through workflow. In this version notification emails are sent when new records are created.


The AccidentAlert Salesforce1 mobile app was created using standard Salesforce declarative configuration to lay out the user interface and capture user interaction.

Code features were used in 2 screens:

  • A VisualForce page with JavaScript & custom Apex controller were used to hook the device GPS and capture the hazard location on creation of a new accident alert
  • A VisualForce page is used to render the human "hurt chart" image. The standard Accident Report controller is used for processing.


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