Project Description

This project showcases a robot that can solve a 2-D maze using the wall follower algorithm, the best-known rule for traversing mazes. This rule is also known as either the left-hand rule, as implemented here. If the maze is simply connected, that is, all its walls are connected together or to the maze's outer boundary, then by keeping one hand in contact with one wall of the maze the solver is guaranteed not to get lost and will reach a different exit if there is one; otherwise, he or she will return to the entrance having traversed every corridor next to that connected section of walls at least once.

Our robot always goes to a left opening if there is one, otherwise moves forward. It always, so to speak, clings to the left wall of a path, keeping a certain distance to the left. It turns back or turns right only when there is no way forward. These distances are measured using three state of the art sonar sensors. The turning is accomplished using unequal rotation of the wheels, which lead to the to working wheels being powered by different motors.

Hardware Requirements

  1. 3 x Wheels

  2. Casing

  3. 16x2 LCD Display (as a speedometer)

  4. 3 x Sonar sensors

  5. 2 x Motors

  6. Rechargeable Batteries

  7. Appropriate jumper wires and resistances

  8. Arduino Uno

Built With

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