Being college students meant that we know what it is like to be under a large amount of stress. Sometimes the stress is so overwhelming that we have no idea how to handle it, and an extreme amount of stress can cause bigger health issues. We wanted to create something that would help relieve stress, and provide advice on how to deal with stress. We are submitting into the Mental Health category.

What it does

De-Stress asks the user about their current state with questions relating to symptoms caused by stress. Depending on how many symptoms the user selects, De-Stress provides the appropriate advice to help alleviate stress levels, with a cute bunny as a bonus.

How we built it

We researched the symptoms of stress and found that there are plenty symptoms of stress many people may not have known. We incorporated this data into our project, by allowing the user to check the symptoms they have. Once the user have checked off the symptoms they have, our program tallies up the score and determines if the user stress levels is okay (need a bit of relaxation) or bad (call a doctor). We used HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and JQuery to build De-Stress. (Texture used:

Challenges we ran into

Throughout our hacking, we ran into a lot of layout issues, but they were fixed. Another challenge we ran into was when we created the pop up button, that asked the user if they are sure that they want to uncheck the symptom. The problem we ran into was when the user clicked “cancel” (to say they do not want to uncheck the box), the box was unchecked. We were able to fix it so that when cancel is clicked the box remains checked and when the user clicks “yes” the box is unchecked.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment that we are proud of is the bunny we added to the program. The bunny was created from scratch and was animated in JQuery, which we used for the first time.

What we learned

We learned the symptoms of stress and realized that many symptoms we think are “normal” may be a sign of stress. We also learn different methods to relieve stress and implemented this research into our last page where the bunny recommends way to relieve stress. We learned to apply JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL.

What's next for De-Stress

In the future we plan to expand on De-Stress by recommending those with high stress levels with help. We plan to implement a GPS system into our program that would find the closest psychiatric doctor (not hospital) to the user, allowing him or her to directly contact the doctor and see the doctor. We may also plan to include hotlines for stress and etc, hoping that people take advantage of this information to relieve their stress.

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