We decided to start this project mainly as a means to perform well at a hackaton. Then we actually liked the idea, since as students (me as a former student) do not have finances, but still want to travel, therefore we tought it can be a realy good idea to create something like this.

At this very moment, users can be registered and upload their picture as well. Users can create travel events and there are display pages for user profile and travel events. As you can see this has the potential to become massive project and proably if we go for it in the future we will also change the framework, since grails is supposed to handle small scale projects.

We used Grails as the main fraimwork, MySQL for relational database, Bootstrap for responsiveness, jQuery for interaction, as well as various tools, created in jQuery.

Sending an email (plugins on grails not very good, gmail hard to set as email client on server side), comparing 2 images. A random error caused by a plugin for which there was no stacktrace whatsoever.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for DestinationWorld

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