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We made a travel guide website for anyone interested in traveling near or far. Researching for trips can be very often overwhelming with so many results and it completely defeats the purpose of a vacation.

Our vision

Have you ever wanted to go on a nice, relaxing vacation but were bombarded by the overwhelming thousands of results? Well, Destination Paradise is here to relieve your stress!

Our website consists of a travel helper in a few different steps. If you want to find a location to travel to based on some of your preferences/wants, talk to a chatbot to find a location. If you have a location in mind, and some interests in mind, use our web-scraping search to find an attraction. Once you have an attraction, and location you want to travel to, use the search to find some more websites and information about the attraction from travel blogs.


Front-End: We created a basic version of the website page that users will interact with using html and css. Back-End: Using and the Beautiful Soup library, we created a functional version of what program should output.

Future Steps

  • Improved User Interface
  • Add graphics
  • Chatbot to help users schedule/plan trips
  • “Cart Feature” or “Wishlist” to help users bookmark cool places!
  • Create a login screen for users to have accounts
  • Use APIs like Flask or Rest to integrate our Python backend and HTML frontend together
  • More features such as making an agenda for each day in a trip
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