People come visit NY all the time, especially from other countries, but until now there's not been much of a tourism push for the wonders that Brooklyn has to offer. One of our team members is from Spain and has fallen for Brooklyn's setting more than she could have ever known.

What it does

So, 'it' is an app. The app allows for a user to access the tourist sites that Brooklyn has to offer. Not only that, you can filter your results so you can get the tourist experience you are looking for.

How we built it

Android Studio, was the weapon of choice. Java and XML while working jointly on GitHub and Slack was the way to implement.

Challenges I ran into

We had some deviations from the original plan and having multiple team members in multiple locations was a challenge.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Getting the idea ironed out was a huge accomplishment. We spent the whole first day of the three days basically generating a game plan.

What I learned

Planning is extremely important, but coordination is probably even more of a priority when having a split team. Sometimes you have to come up with a different approach to solve a problem.

What's next for Destination: Brooklyn

So, we don't look at the development of Brooklyn with more people as being a 'challenge' because it is a solution in disguise. It will be the way Brooklyn transforms into a tourist location because so many want to live here. Tourists will be compelled to visit and this app will help them find out why.

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