What does Corona and our Ability to generate Data have in common?

Exponential growth!

Alone in the medical field there are over 2mil papers published per year. This makes it challenging to find data of relevance - e.g. for finding a therapy or cure against COVID.

For research it is essential to use the most recent insights to analyse, organise and build upon on them to gather knowledge.

Connecting Information & insights to gather knowledge about the Virus and find a way to fight or live with it is key to success for our future. The faster we find a solution together, the faster we can start to restructure our economy, society and reinvent our global ecosystem.

We want to enable people to use data, find information similar to their interests and guide them to options & opportunities they don't know “YET”.

We are distilling data to create knowledge!

What it does

Analyse Data
We are analysing clinical studies using AI and machine learning.

Enabling Users
This enables us to guide the user through data, to the information relevant form him, within less than 10 steps.

Visual Representation
The analysis enables new, visual representations, enhancing the overview and identification of connected information.

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset - Similarities - Abstract

How we built it

We used the data available from the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset.
We analysed over 10k Datasets and calculated correlations between studies.

The sophisticated data analytics was exectued on GPU based cloud system using Microsoft Azure.

Software & Tools

  • The algorithm was implemented using python and the PyTorch deeplearning library.
  • The prototype APP was implemented using a Flask combined with an Angular 8 frontend.
  • For the graphical visualisation of studies the Apache Echarts was used.
  • All development was done using Visual Studio Code (Because its awesome)

Challenges we ran into

There is even more data available!


Problem: There is no common format to combine all insights into one knowledge base ...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we have been able to coordinate well together using digital tools like Zoom, Hangouts, Slack, Google Sheets and more ...

What we learned

  1. You can Hack together - Not only us - But the complete 42.968 People!
  2. We can achieve greate things - Together we can do unbelievabe things!
  3. Even appart - We are connected!

What's next ...


  • Connecting different data sources into one knowledge base.
  • Provide users with an intuitive interface to search | filter | select relevant information.

Finding Partners
Find partners to push the project to the next level

Researcher: We need YOUR help

CoCration of our platform to support them in fighting COVID-19

Support: Support us to boost our development

Development: Boost the development to provide an intuitive interface to data for the fight against COVID-19
UX/UI | Full-Stack | DevOps

Sponsors: $€¥
Please help us to financing the analytics of data. Support us to enable medical researchers and patients to uncover opportunites hidden in data.

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