Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health.

What it does

Psychometric Analysis:

Done using the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale. Our questions test the user to determine their depression levels. Use a machine learning model to group the users with similar depression levels.

Clustering ML Model trained with user responses to the psychometric test. Classification Model that classifies the user into different clusters based on depression levels.

Virtual Counselling

Connects 4 -5 depressed people with a psychological expert to be mentally stable. Meeting Links created for specific clusters. A forum where people can discuss and vent out their emotions.

Our Music Station

Music has powerful effects on the mind. Different styles of music can have a significant effect on a person’s mood. Music therapy can use these deep physical reactions the body has to music to help people with mental health conditions. The music station we’ve created is a Spotify-Clone. It’s a react music app that let’s you search a particular song and gives you the lyrics along with the audio.

How we built it

We've used TensorFlow, React.js

What's next for DESTIGMA

To improve our Training Model and deploy it.

Built With

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