We want people to have fun, wholesome fun, and happy, very happy. What better way than to have fun with friends after a covid period via a wholesome and funny game? Besides, we love board games, simply because we won't get bored. (Geddit? We are fans of linguistics hehe)

What it does

Players and Reversers:

  • Players try to guess the word read aloud by reversers, while everyone looks really funnily dumb

How I built it

Initially, we experimented with Flutter, React and Android Studio, but eventually settled with React Native because of its potential to develop native apps on both Android and iOS. Moreover, it is simplistic to use and easier to learn!

Challenges I ran into

Learning and remembering how to use react, and Javascript, and learning new concepts in mobile development!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We stayed up late and had fun. :D Actually made an app lol Good times before the semester begins

What I learned

React, React Hooks, Javascript, a bit of Android Studio, React Native

What's next for desreveR

Maybe better CSS & styling, upgraded word bank, cooler graphics, and the seitilibissop are endless. AI.

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