Lesser power to people as the fantasy apps tend to cut the middlemen fees for every transaction. No choice to create personalised fantasy game for others. Lesser options to have variety in fantasy apps.

Ever wondered, you could play realtime match alongwith your friend. You could create any of your own personalised question like

Football question: How many goals will Messi do in first half?

Cricket question: How many runs will Virat make in first powerplay?

Our aim is to give power to people so that they collabarate and win. No third part is required and everything remains transparent.

We chose cricket as our main area as it is highly unpredictable and worth billions of dollars market in India with seamless fan following.

What it does

Desportivos gives 3 options for people: Integer voting, MCQ voting and Play Along. Questions can be created by anyone with any participation fees and participants they want. Our backend NLP algorithms predicts the output based on live feed's output dynamically without any human intervention.

Anyone can create any dynamic question with any number of participants and participation fees. Question creator gets reward in the form of SPT tokens (Our Sports ERC20 Tokens, that can be token swapped for ethereum on Kyber). All fee and reward is based on SPT tokens. So, the people participating get 100% winnings, with ~0% fees. eg. If 2 people participate and stake 10 SPT token as fee, winner gets 20 SPT tokens.

Playing virtual realtime cricket over by over ans earn large winnings.

How we built it

We built it using Ethereum blockchain, currently on Ropsten Testnet. Every question being created is pushed to blockchain and from the fund transfers of the winner to participating in the question, everything is kept transparent. Beginners can get gist of sport using tutorial and transparency of every submission. We built apis for smart contract interactions. We also developed mobile application for demo. Python NLP algorithms are used to automate cricket APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Automating the process of hitting the realtime score APIs according to the question was the real challenge due to the diverse nature of the questions, we faced issues in forming the right algorithm. We also faced issues in playing realtime matches over by over and creating a match.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After many efforts, automating the API hitting process was a great accomplishment this removed a lot of manual interference. We did this with the help of NLTK and spacy entity recognition. So, now anyone can create any question and actual meaning of it could be extracted automatically! The virtual playing of cricket game and its UI was also made amazing.

What we learned

Using and developing algorithms of NLP as per any question content and using Ethereum and web3. Game development was also learnt.

What's next for DeSportivos

Our 1 on 1 game requires participants to win every over, win large prizes. Play virtual cricket alongwith others using matching algorithms. Demo is ready but realtime players cannot participate currently. Question answering system is working perfectly fine.

We shall complete the project and start internal testing surely within 6 weeks. Few placeholders and realtime cricket game needs to be completed.

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