We were inspired by the problems faced by the social media industry that can be solved with DeSo. We realized, that these problems are true even for the music streaming industry, and creating our own music streaming platform, with DeSo not only can we give more power to the artists/creators as well as the listeners or fans, but also build a highly secure streaming service that‘s ready for web3.0, thanks to DeSo Identity.

⚙️ What it does

DeSo(ngs) lets anyone — even indie artists create and share or sell their music on the platform. It also lets fans buy a particular song as an NFT that can be MINTED to the DeSo Blockchain! Since it is expensive to play entire MP3 files, DeSo(ngs) also let users put their DeSo(ngs) as a spotify link, and be able to play them on the platform, just to show the proof of concept. Providing a platform like this for indie artists and empowering listeners to buy and support music while not using the outdated ad monetization method and using blockchain, makes us truly ready for the new web.

🏗 How we built it

We used DeSo and ReactJS. Our code is also hosted in a public repo on GitHub!

Use of DeSo

  • We wanted to build an app that was bulletproof in terms of security. Which is why we used DeSo Identity. The amazing documentation on deso.org taught us about how blockchain authentication works and why it is THE choice for web3 apps using DeSo.
  • We also used DeSo to mint NFTs using code on the DeSo blockchain.

🚧 Challenges we ran into

  • One of our teammates left in the start of the project.
  • We were hacking and studying simultaneously, because as I said before, both of us had exams coming up.
  • For some reason any link we use will not properly show up on Diamond Appp

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • One of us was totally new to web3 and blockchain and he is really glad that the DeSo prize category this weekend motivated him to finally learn about blockchain and web3, and not only get his knowledge up to speed, but also successfully build a web3 project.
  • We’re super proud to be “Saving the internet” as the DeSo website calls it.
  • All the minted NFTs can be bought or sold and even can be seen from the profile of the user from Diamond App
  • You have the full right to what you want to mint and allow others to see and buy
  • The fact that everything works as intended

📚What we learned

  • We always found DeSo fascinating, but while doing this project, we truly learnt what DeSo was about, and how it solves the problems in the social media industry today, in terms of control, monetization and ownership.
  • One of us learnt blockchain technology from scratch.
  • We also had to learn an entire Layer one blockchain from scratch in a weekend, it sucks to not have smartcontracts work here hence the whole difficulty shot up

🚀 What's next for DeSo(ngs)

  • We want to improve DeSo(ngs) based on feedback.

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