Desktop Poro Pet

By: Mathew, Ethan, Olivia, and Eugene

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About The Project

Introducing a desktop poro that you can watch and interact with! :bone:

Animated Poro Eating


You can't bring pets into libraries? Your friends are too busy to study with you? You live alone? Well fret not! This poro will bring you joy and company when you need it!

Apart from giving companionship to users [Wilks 2010], virtual pet games have been applied as effective applications to promote user’s physical and psychological health (e.g., healthy eating [Byrne et al. 2012], asthma self-management [Lee et al. 2010], increasing social interaction [Pering 2002], and learning social norms and behavior [Hildmann et al. 2008]) Source

This project was created to provide users with a virtual companion to alleviate their emotional states, especially in times of distress. Having to work alone in front of a computer for the entire day can become boring and lonely, so why not have a companion to keep you company?

Research has shown that virtual pets are able to promote learning, collaboration, and empathy among users. The importance of these skills in our daily lives cannot be stressed enough, whether we are taking care of family members, working on a project with others, or developing lifelong relationships with people. As social creatures, humans crave interactions—it is the base upon which we function.

It's always nice to have someone accompany you in front of your computer even as you're rushing to complete an assignment by the deadline or bingeing Youtube and Netflix videos. What's even cooler is being able to witness that someone grow with you throughout time and develop a bond with you!

Not to mention children would absolutely love to have a companion on their computer screen! This is a fun way to bring the magic of programming to them! By having a fluffy creature living on their computer screen, they would feel like the coolest kid on the planet! We bet you they would.

This is a fun project we decided to create to bring a smile to people, especially during these lonely times in quarantine. We hope you enjoy!


Behaviour Information Visual
Poro Idling Your poro will idle! Animated Poro Idling
Poro Eating Your poro
Poro Walking Left Your poro will turn left and walk! Animated Poro Walking Left
Poro Walking Right Your poro will turn right and walk! Animated Poro Walking Right
Interaction Instructions
Feed and grow your poro! Click your poro. Your friend will grow with every click!
Split your poro! If you click your poro once it grows to a certain size, it will explode into multiple poros... but don't worry! Your poro will still be around,though reverted to its original size!
Drag your poro! Hold your mouse on your poro and move your cursor around!
Drop your poro and watch it bounce! Release your mouse while holding your poro in the air!
Observe and learn from poro! Watch as he moves across your screen and sends you messages!

Getting Started

Download the program from releases and follow the instructions on the page. After downloading, run the PoroPet.exe file and Poro will appear on your screen! View interactions in Features.

To close the program, select the Java window in the taskbar and close the window from there.

If there are any issues, please contact us for troubleshooting!


This project is Unlicensed and is free to be used! See LICENSE or for more detailed information.


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Discord: Mathew E#1646



Discord: Th33Ahn#3297



Discord: kay#3255



Discord: Pom#0315

Animated Poro Idle

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