All of the team members primarily use some distribution of Linux. A desktop environment is something you can get really creative with, so we thought - why not make a platform to show off your desktop environment, and have a way to upvote ones you like?

What it does

On the platform you can:

  • post screenshot(s) of your desktop
  • upvote posts, and the most upvoted will be at the top
  • browse posts
  • view your own posts

How we built it

The browser uses Vue.js to render responses from the API, which is made with Node.js (using Express.js). Authentication is Github OAuth2 (login with Github) and all the post & user data is stored in RethinkDB.

Challenges we ran into

  • We nearly fell asleep in our chairs.
  • Countless git merge conflicts :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Reactive sorting of upvotes
  • Very nice API
  • Github authentication (oh that was painful)

What we learned

  • Authorization
  • Some nifty Vue.js tricks
  • API ratelimiting (fun)

Built With

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