DeskieDashboard assists Michigan Tech reception desk services ("deskies") in automating their workflow. This is accomplished through the use of several modules. The current prototype of DeskieDashboard only includes a "Packages" module, which allows deskies to utilize an efficient electronic workflow for managing mail.

DeskieDashboard's Packages module also helps Michigan Tech students. Students frequently receive updates from postal companies on the status of their package. Far too often, students receive a "Delivered!" notification, only to find their mailbox lacking. This is because it takes Michigan Tech's deskies serveral hours to process and create package slips, leaving students in the dark as to when their package is available for pick up. DeskieDashboard does away with this by removing package slips from the equation. When a deskie adds a package, DeskieDashboard automatically emails the student that their package is available for pick up.

The amount of modules that can be included in DeskieDashboard is limited only by the responsibilities of the deskies themselves. Additional modules could allow deskies greater freedom to check out highly demanded items such as billiard cues and tools. Many painstaking tasks can now be automated - if students do not return an item by the specified deadline, DeskieDashboard can send an automated reminder to the student's email.

DeskieDashboard was created for Michigan Technological University's 2016 Winter WonderHack event by Brandon Ingalls, Frederick Nolte, and Charles Quinn.

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