Please credit the original designer of this project if you're using this design and project. Thanks

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1. Introduction

Mockup 01: This is a Workable Card Style Login and Signup Interface, which was orignally designed by Tian. Application is built using Xamarin Android in Visual Studio 2017.

Mockup 02: Card Style Designer Login and Signup User Interface for Social Media Apps. Originally designed by Nimasha Perera.

Design is simplistic and clean enough to be used in a Real-life Application.

2. Assets

All the XML files, Icons and Background Image is created from Scratch in Photoshop. 9-Patch Images are generated using Android Asset Studio

3. Running the Project

Clone the repository and open the "Mockup01.sln" to open the project in Visual Studio. Let it download all the packages required by project which is not a lot, just AppCompat libraries.

If you want to deploy "Mockup 01", In the file

MainActivity.cs Change the "MainLauncher" to >True

If you want to deploy "Mockup 02", In the file

Mockup2_LoginScreen.cs Change the "MainLauncher" to >True

Will make a selection screen for Custom Dynamic UI loading in future.

4. Credits

Mockup 01: All the Design credits goes to Tian. Original Design: Profile :

Mockup 02: All the Design credits goes to Nimasha Perera. Original Design: Profile :

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