As teens on a budget, we always found it difficult to design our dream space. We and our friends would spend hours going through Pinterest piecing together our ideal rooms, and then going from store to store trying to find items that could substitute for the ones on our Pinterest board. Growing up on a small island made it even more difficult to find the right items, as there are a limited amount of stores we can go to, and trying to accomplish all of this while on a budget proved to be difficult. Developing our own designs, running from store to store, having to mix and match different items, and having financial constraints is what inspired us to come up with this idea for a webapp which makes management of these factors significantly easier.

What It Does

Our web app allows individuals and businesses to design their own space with flexibility, time and cost efficiency, and easy-to-use accessibility.

How We Built It

This project was built using three.js to render the 3D room. This was a pretty big project to tackle and our main objective was to get started on the user interface.

What We Learned

I learned how to render items in browser using three.js and webGL, something I had no prior experience with before.


We were originally going to turn our project into a full fledged web application by the end of the weekend using Google Cloud, however, there was a mixup when we entered our location (we are located in Hawai'i and I got confused about the question) and we ended up not eligible for the Google Cloud credits.


We were able to come up with a preliminary plan for our product and develop a basic prototype which displays how our eventual webapp will perform.

What's Next

We plan to pursue partnerships with companies such as Ikea and other businesses that sell furniture and have 3d models of their items available to put in our database. Then, we will need to hire interior design consultants who can develop pre-made templates for users to apply to their designs, as well as have designers look over our product before it launches. The last step is to market our product to reach as many people within our targeted audience as possible. In order to complete all of these tasks, we will need investments into software development as well as consultancy and marketing.

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