The innovation came after a bad night out. Having one too many, there ended up being several people taking care of me that night and I didn't remember half of them. To all the girls and furniture I drunkenly professed my love to, I'm sorry. And my thanks to those that looked after me that night.

On the other end, there are people who end up disappearing for hours at a time. I was able to reconstruct my night through anecdotes from the people who took care of me. and they will never have recollection of the memories if they had blacked out. There are also the even more unfortunate cases of those who are abused or kidnapped.

To those who want to save themselves the embarrassment and the danger while going out, Designated Duo is a solution to have some more restraint through peer pressure and some more safety through social responsibility.

Duo with a friend, set a common cap for two (say you usually drink 10 before being supremely drunk and your friend drinks 8 before being embarrassingly drunk, then maybe set the limit to 15). The goal of this is that either both of you do not get wasted or you at least have one buddy who can support you home.

Equipped with the state of the art GPS of your phone and many more potential features, we hope that we reduce the number of nights of regrets and, even more so, the number of people who put themselves in danger.

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