The bot came about just wanting to play around some AI models, and use them in a practical and fun way.

What it does

@deio paints any picture you share with him in a number of famous painting styles, like StarryNight, cCubist or Serrat.

How I built it

@deio was built using Slack's Event API, AWS Lambda and API Gateway together with an EC2 server.

Challenges I ran into

There were various challenges making the bot respond in a timely manner. First off, getting the AI model working at near real-time velocity presented various challenges. The models run better in GPU, requiring a lot of configurations in order to have them run smoothly. Afterwards, connecting the Lambda functions woth EC2 instances was also tricky.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Setting up the whole architecture, and making it work so that the user can simply share an image and get an awesome painting back. The big part about building awesome things is that the hide all the complexity from the user.

What I learned

I learned to love the Event/Action model architecture. It is awesome, and Lambda gives incredible agility.

What's next for Design Engine

We want to integrate @deio (the bots name) better with our platform and help teams that have heavy design become more collaborate and improve their workflow.

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