The default weather app for android, google maps, and emergency preparedness.

What it does

It shows the design of an app that will be utilized by Park Rangers to manage their National Park. The app can send out mass texts, monitor the weather, contains a map of the park, and displays emergency message about the weather, missing persons, and other emergencies.

How we built it

Built the initial Wire Map using a whiteboard and then used to create a working prototype.


Challenges we ran into

Finding and using a proper prototyping software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a functioning prototype.

What we learned

How to prototype using as well as gained experience with the design of graphical interfaces.

What's next for Design Challenge - Park Ranger App

Creating the Coding and integration for the app and then contacting Park Rangers on what they want for the app and how to integrate it into their system.

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